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6 – 15 Years


Boulder Dance 6 - 15 yrs

Kinesis Dance Classes: 6 years – 15 Years

Kinesis Dance Classes: 6 years - 15 Years

We offer a wide variety of dance classes of all skill levels for children and teens ages 6 to 15. From introductory courses to advanced classes that require years of training, your child will find a plethora of opportunities to continue expanding their knowledge in the art of dance. Kinesis offers many classes of varying forms of dance for this age range, including ballet; ballroom and swing; hip hop; modern; tap; Latin styles such as flamenco, samba, and salsa; belly dance and Bollywood Bhangra; even hula! We also provide Spring Concert adult ballet rehearsals for dancers interested in performing their craft on stage. Contact us today for information on classes.

5603 Arapahoe Ave Suite 6
Boulder, CO 80303