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Kinesis Dance Classes: Tap

Kinesis: Tap Dance Classes

Historically, tap dancing arose in the mid 1800’s as a mixture of multiple percussive dancing styles from Africa and the British Isles. It is characterized by the dancer tapping, striking, and sliding along the dance floor with special tap shoes. Tap dance classes offered by Kinesis will increase your fitness, rhythm, balance, and coordination; most importantly, our tap dance classes are a lot of fun! We offer beginner tap dance classes through advanced tap dance classes for ages 5 and up, as well as combination tap-jazz classes for ages 6-12. Our more advanced tap students have the opportunity to learn jazz and tap performances in the Spring Concerts. Scroll down through our tap dance classes below to learn more about each class and to register!

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Course Title
Course Description
Registration Link
Pre-Tap & BalletAn introduction to tap and ballet dance.4-51/9-4/3Tu, 9-9:45amNorth
Pre-Tap & BalletAn introduction to tap and ballet dance.4-51/11-4/5Th, 9-9:45amEast
Ballet & Tap ComboBasic technique of Ballet and Tap.4-61/11-4/5Th, 4:30-5:15pmIris
Ballet & Tap ComboLearn the bassic elements of tap in a fun and creative way.7-91/11-4/5Th, 5:15-6pmIris
Tap and JazzA joyful, high-energy dance form.7-121/11-4/5Th, 6-6:45pmIris
Tap & Contemporary Combo 1/2Basic techniques of Tap and Contemporary dance forms.8-101/10-4/4W, 4-5pmNorth
Tap & Contemporary Combo 3Tap & Contemporary Combo 4.11-141/10-4/4W, 5-6pmNorth
Adult Tap Level 1For beginning tappers.13+1/11-4/5Th, 10:00-11:00amKinesis
Adult Tap Level 1/2For continuing through advanced beginning tappers.13+1/8-4/2M, 6-7pmIris
Adult Tap Level 3/4A minimum of two to three years of experience required.13+1/8-4/2M, 7-8:15pmIris