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Multi-Cultural Dance Classes


multi-cultural dance classes boulder

Kinesis Dance Classes: Multi-cultural

Kinesis: Multi-cultural Dance Classes

Our Boulder multi-cultural dance classes will get your blood flowing! Learn the advanced footwork and flavor of Flamenco, strengthen your core while learning the exotic movements in a belly dance class, get in touch with the Bollywood aesthetic while practicing your Bhangra moves, or gain spiritual and physical knowledge of the ancient art of Hula. Ever wanted to take a Salsa dance class? Get a cardio workout while dancing the Brazilian Samba? Or kick your heels up and learn an Irish Step dance? Look no further! In our multi-cultural dance classes you’ll have a great time learning about foreign dances and the cultures where they originate, and you’ll burn some serious calories! Contact us today for more information.

5603 Arapahoe Ave Suite 6
Boulder, CO 80303