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Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance Classes Ballet is an elegant form of classical dance that developed during the Renaissance period of 15th century Italy. It has become an extremely popular and widespread style of dance. At Kinesis Dance, we offer a wide range of ballet classes for adults and youth of all abilities. All pre-ballet, beginner, intermediate, advanced, […]


Contemporary Dance Classes

The Contemporary dance form is closely related to the Modern dance style. Our Boulder contemporary dance classes stress footwork, improvisation, changes in rhythm, and torso movement, among other elements. At Kinesis Dance we offer a Broadway Musical Mashup class for children ages 6 to 12. This class teaches dancers assorted songs, scenes and dances from […]


Creative Movement Dance Classes

Our Creative Movement dance classes are designed for young children from 18 months to 5 years old. Children who begin dancing early in their lives often choose to continue dancing for years, and there seems to be a correlation between dance, mental stimulation, and academic merit. We offer regular and bilingual parent-tot creative movement dance […]


Hip Hop

The Hip Hop style of dance emerged as part of the urban hip hop culture – characterized by music, art, and dance – that arose starting in the 1970’s. Our Boulder Hip Hop dance classes feature breaking, popping, and locking as primary dance elements. Kinesis Dance offers a range of Boulder Hip Hop dance classes […]



The jazz style of dance evolved in America in the early 1900’s as a combination of mainly European and African dance forms. It involves improvisation, syncopated rhythms, theatrical movements, and typically accompanies modern popular music of the time. Kinesis Dance offers jazz dance classes and jazz combo dance classes – such as jazz/tap – for […]


Modern Dance Classes

Modern dance is a relatively free-form style that borrows from other forms of dance such as ballet and classical. Modern dance often involves improvisation and freedom of creative expression. Cindy Brandle, Kinesis’ Boulder modern dance class instructor, teaches our beginning and intermediate/advanced classes. Cindy teaches her modern dance classes with this idea in mind: movement […]


Creative Pieces

Multi-cultural Dance Classes Our Boulder multi-cultural dance classes will get your blood flowing! Learn the advanced footwork and flavor of Flamenco, strengthen your core while learning the exotic movements in a belly dance class, get in touch with the Bollywood aesthetic while practicing your Bhangra moves, or gain spiritual and physical knowledge of the ancient […]


Social Dance Classes

The style of dance in our Boulder social dance classes feature more than one dancer. Not only is this a great way to learn an exciting new dance and get a great workout, but you also get the opportunity to meet new people in our social dance classes! If you’re looking for an excellent way […]


Tap Dance Classes

Historically, tap dancing arose in the mid 1800’s as a mixture of multiple percussive dancing styles from Africa and the British Isles. It is characterized by the dancer tapping, striking, and sliding along the dance floor with special tap shoes. Tap dance classes offered by Kinesis will increase your fitness, rhythm, balance, and coordination; most […]


Acrobatic Arts

Acrobatic Arts is the fusion of classical dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering and tumbling, bases in flexibility contortion and strength. Students of acrobatic arts will be taught by certified instructors and will build strength, flexibility, and confidence.