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Social Dance Classes


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Boulder Social Dance Classes

Kinesis: Social Dance Classes

The style of dance in our Boulder social dance classes feature more than one dancer. Not only is this a great way to learn an exciting new dance and get a great workout, but you also get the opportunity to meet new people in our social dance classes! If you’re looking for an excellent way to experience many new things at once, our Boulder social dance classes are your best option. At Kinesis Dance we feature introductory and secondary offerings of our Ballroom Basics and Swing dance class. You’ll be taught the elegant style of traditional ballroom dancing as well as the upbeat, energetic movement you could learn in one of our Swing dance classes! Sign up for one of our social dance classes today to meet like-minded dancers like yourself! Learn more about our classes by contacting us today.

5603 Arapahoe Ave Suite 6
Boulder, CO 80303