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Boulder Dance adults

Kinesis Dance Classes: Adults

Kinesis Dance Classes: Adult Dance Classes

Kinesis Dance offers dance classes for adults that provide incredible opportunities for growth in their level of skill, physical health and well-being, and social lives. Whether you’re an untested beginner who wants to learn as much as you can, or a seasoned dancer who dreams of becoming a professional, Kinesis has an opportunity for you to expand your horizons. We offer many classes of varying forms of adult dance classes, including ballet; ballroom and swing; hip hop; modern; tap; Latin styles such as flamenco, samba, and salsa; belly dance and Bollywood Bhangra; hula; and our unique Very Adult Jazz class, catered to individuals who are well experienced in life but young-at-heart! We also provide Spring Concert adult ballet rehearsals for dancers interested in performing their craft on stage. To learn more about our wide range of adult dance classes, scroll through our listings below for dance classes for adults in Boulder.

Dance Classes for Adults

Course Title
Course Description
Registration Link
Ballet BarreFor students with a knowledge of ballet basics.13+1/9-4/3Tu, 9:45-10:45amNorth
Ballet BarreFor students with a knowledge of ballet basics.13+1/11-4/5Th, 9:45-10:45amEast
Ballet Barre PlusBarre, center and combinations.13+1/9-4/3Tu, 10:45-12:15amNorth
Ballet Barre PlusBarre, center and combinations.13+1/11-4/5Th, 10:45-12:00pmEast
Ballet Level 1Very beginning ballet technique.13+1/8-4/2M, 7:30-9:00pmNorth
Ballet Level 2Very beginning ballet techdnique13+1/8-4/2M, 6:45-8:00pmEast
Ballet Level 1/2Elementary level technique.13+1/8-4/2M, 6-7:30pmNorth
Ballet Level 1/2Elementary and intermediate level technique.13+1/10-4/4W, 6:30-8pmNorth
Beginning PointeBasic fundamentals of pointe technique.13+1/10-4/4W, 8-9pmNorth
Contemporary/Modern Dance for Beginning AdultsBasics of Contemporary techinique in a creative way.13+1/9-4/3Tu, 10:30-11:30 amEast
Contemporary/Modern Dance for AdultsBeginning level technique.13+1/9-4/3Tu, 7:45-8:45pmEast
Adult JazzJazz for adults improves coordination, balance and flexibility.13+1/11-4/5Th, 7-8pmIris
Adult JazzA low impact jazz class set to the level of the participants.18+1/12-4/6F, 2:30-3:45pmEast
Adult Tap Level 1For beginning tappers.13+1/11-4/5Th, 10:00-11:00amKinesis
Adult Tap Level 1/2For continuing through advanced beginning tappers.13+1/8-4/2M, 6-7pmIris
Adult Tap Level 3/4A minimum of two to three years of experience required.13+1/8-4/2M, 7-8:15pmIris
Adult Hip HopA vigorous and exhilirating class.13+1/10-4/4W, 7-8pmEast
Beginning BallroomSocial Dancing, Foxtrot, Waltz and Swing. No partner required.13+1/13-4/7Sa, 3:15-4:15pmIris
Ballroom Level 2A continuation of Ballroom Basics 1.13+1/13-4/7Sa, 4:30-5:30pmIris
Cuban Popular Dance SamplerExperience the flow of Cuban dance: Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Mambo. Performance Opportunity offered.13+1/8-4/2M, 7-8pmSouth
Beginning FlamencoBasic Flamenco technique and short choreographies for beginning students.13+1/9-4/3Tu, 6:30-7:30pmIris
Hula Dance Level 1Come learn basic hula steps, ancient and modern hula dances.13+1/10-4/4W, 5:30-6:30pmIris
Hula Dance Level 2A continuation of Level 113+1/10-4/4W, 6:30-7:30pmIris