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Kinesis Dance is a Boulder-based dance education company providing opportunities in recreational and pre-professional dance. Kinesis offers dance classes for toddlers, youth and adult dance classes, after school dance classes, summer dance camps and intensives, weekend workshops, social dance classes, concerts, and competition choreography. Kinesis has specialized classes teaching a variety of dance genres. To name a few genres offered include but not limited to; hip hop, creative movement, tap, jazz dance classes, contemporary dance classes, modern dance classes, ballet, social dance classes and multi-cultural dance classes like salsa dance classes and belly dance classes. We also strive for creating community beyond our dance classes through events and concerts! Check out the event page to find the next boulder concert schedule! Kinesis dance instructors believe in creating a positive, safe, and fun learning environment for the Boulder County community, where dance is for everyone.

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Kinesis (formerly Expressions) Dance Company: Kinesis Dance Company is a unique, audition-based, dance company for youth, offering high-quality training and extensive performance experience in many styles of dance. The goal is to develop dancers who possess technical proficiency, a joy of performing and an awareness of the artistic self. The company is designed to allow students to reach their full artistic potential through building confidence in a positive and safe learning community.




Kinesis Dance's instructors offer a wide diversity of instruction including but not limited to ballet, contemporary dance classes, salsa dance classes, swing dance classes, dance classes for toddlers, tap dance classes,  creative movement dance classes, and social dance classes. Get to know our Boulder dance instructors.

Cindy Burdine

Boulder Dance Instructors - Cindy BCINDY BURDINE

Cindy Burdine holds a BA in Dance from Bowling Green State University, and trained with the Dayton Ballet and attended the Duke University Dancer Training Program...

VIEW MORE the American Dance Festival and the University of Southern Florida’s Summer Dance Program.  She has taught dance in Ohio, New York and Boulder for over 20 years.  She was director of the City of Boulder Dance Program for 14 years and formed Kinesis Dance Company with Kirsten Leslie in 2014 where she currently teaches company classes, Legs & Feet and Leaps & Turns. She loves dance classes for toddlers, because you get to watch them grow! Cindy lives in Thornton with her husband, three children and a menagerie of animals including dogs Bettis & Twinkie, turtles River and Speedy and Star the fish which might be why she’s always game for a roller coaster ride.

Kirsten Leslie

Boulder Dance Instructors - KristineKIRSTEN LESLIE

Kirsten Leslie holds a BA in Dance from the University of New Mexico and trained in classical ballet with Metropolitan Ballet of Topeka and Ballet Austin.  She was a...


...choreographer and cast member of Kinesis Dance Theatre in Austin, TX and performed with Bill Evans Dance Company in Albuquerque.  She has taught dance in the Boulder area for 16 years and formed Kinesis Dance Company with Cindy Burdine in 2014 where she teaches company classes and ages 18 months to adult in Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Preschool and Creative Movement. She loves teaching dance classes for toddlers! Kirsten lives in Boulder with her husband and two sons and is an avid student of martial arts having attained a blackbelt in karate and ongoing studies in brazilian jiu-jitsu, Doces Pares Eskrima and Muay Thai.  


Aundrea Anderson


Aundrea Anderson holds a BFA in Dance and a BFA in Film from CU.  She danced for nine years at Artistic Fusion Dance Academy and is presently with Interweave Dance...


...Theatre.  She has taught dance at Artistic Fusion Dance Academy, City of Boulder, Golden, and CU.  Aundrea joined Kinesis Dance in 2012 and currently teaches Hip Hop and Contemporary.  She lives in Golden and spends time on her passion of creating multimedia works of dance and film for live performance on the concert stage.

Cindy Brandle

Boulder Dance Instructors - Cindy BCINDY BRANDLE

Cindy Brandle, Artistic Director of the Cindy Brandle Dance Company, studied at Ohio State University (BFA) and the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (MFA) where...


...she majored in modern dance choreography and performance. Cindy taught extensively in Chicago for 16 years leading professional level modern dance classes through the Chicago Moving Company, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, and the Giordano Dance Studio. She also taught curriculum-related arts education, often working with students possessing physical, cognitive and behavior challenges, in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Cindy joined Kinesis Dance in 2014 and currently teaches adult Modern Dance and Creative Movement and Pre-ballet for children ages 3-5. She lives in Boulder with her husband and daughter while also expressing herself as a singer/songwriter and is a great lover of yoga.


Vanessa Gerhards

Boulder Dance Instructors - VanessaVANESSA GERHARDS

Vanessa Gerhards has extensive dance and instructor training from schools in Germany, Belgium, France and New York. She has taught many dance genres to all ages...


... over the years including positions at Longmont Dance Theater, Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids and twelve years with the City of Boulder. Vanessa joined Kinesis Dance in 2014 and currently teaches Little Feat a dance class for toddlers, Creative Dance, Pre-ballet, Pre-Hip Hop, Kinder Ballet and Jazz, Youth Ballet and Jazz and adult Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, and company technique classes. She was 21 when she moved to the US from Germany with a degree in Fashion Engineering and Business. Vanessa now lives in Erie but wishes to see the world, and of all things, an AC/DC concert.

Salli Gutierrez

Boulder Dance Instructors - SallieSALLI GUTIERREZ

Salli Gutierrez has been a student of dance since she was a child and performed with the Ballet Folklorico de Cancun in Mexico.  She stays current with Flamenco with...


...biannual trips to Spain to study with a prominent Flamenco artist.  She has taught all ages and in many locations including CU, CSU, master classes with David Taylor Dance Academy and in Dance studios in Texas, Mexico, Spain and her own studio in Longmont.  She joined Kinesis Dance in 2015 and currently teaches adult and youth Flamenco  She lives in Longmont where she shares a smile to everyone she meets.


Sylvia Jensen

SYLVIA JENSENBoulder Dance Instructors - Sylvia

Sylvia Jenson attended the University of Colorado and received certifications from numerous dance workshops and master classes.  She has taught dance to people of all...


...ages in Denver and Boulder for over 50 years.  Sylvia has been with the City of Boulder dance program since 1981 and joined Kinesis Dance in 2014 where she currently teaches adult Ballet Barre and youth Pre-tap & Ballet.  She lives in Boulder and is a serious Mystery Science Theater fan.

Smita Khatri

Boulder Dance Instructors - SmitaSMITA KHATRI

Smita Khatri has been moving to South Asian dance beats since the age of 5.  She has taught Bollywood, Bhangra, and Garba Raase dance classes to adults and teens in...


...California, Hawaii, New York and India.  Smita joined Kinesis Dance in 2016 and currently teaches adult Bollywood Bhangra Dance.  She lives in Boulder and is dedicated to her meditation practice and sharing it with those who might not otherwise have access to it.


Judy Kreith

Boulder Dance Instructors - Judy


Judy Kreith holds a BA in Dance from Colorado College and a MA in Dance Education from Stanford University.  She has taught dance at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks...


...and at the City of Boulder since 1990.  Judy joined Kinesis Dance in 2014 where she currently teaches adult Casino-Style Cuban Salsa dance classes, Jazz, Ballroom and youth Salsa and World Rhythms for Children.  She lives in Boulder and loves mangos and oranges more than the average person.

Elizabeth Ross

Boulder Dance Instructors - ElizabethELIZABETH ROSS

Elizabeth Ross acquired extensive ballet experience training at schools and dancing in companies in Florida, Texas and Colorado.  She was a student of Peggy Willis Aarnio...


...and John Barker from whom she received pedagogical teacher training in the syllabus of the Russian Vaganova Academy, which she has visited; and has participated in many workshops and Master classes with Russian teachers and dancers. She has taught ballet to adults and children of all ages and technical levels for almost 30 years in Florida and Colorado and and has been a guest teacher at Cambridge School of Russian Ballet, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School and Henry Academy of Dance.  Many of her students have been accepted to highly regarded ballet programs and have continued to advance their dance achievements.  Elizabeth has been with the City of Boulder dance program since 1991 and joined Kinesis Dance in 2014.  She currently teaches adult and youth Ballet.  She lives in Boulder and uses her Master’s in Anthropology to advance her knowledge as an amateur Egyptologist.


La’ela’e Sundberg

Boulder Dance Instructors - LaLA'ELA'E SUNDBERG

La’ela’e currently teaches adult and youth hula dance. I have taught Hawaiian Hula Dance in Boulder since 2008. Our classes welcome keiki (children), wahine (women) and kane...


...(men). I teach Hula Kahiko (ancient hula), Hula 'Auana (modern hula) and implement hula. The hula is a very safe and all-encompassing form of dance and, thus, can be enjoyed by people of all ages; it has many healing functions. People who take hula classes also learn a lot about the beautiful culture and language of Hawai'i as they go. I studied Hawaiian Hula while I lived in Hawai'i from 1989-2007. I started teaching at the University of Hawai'i in 1992. In 1997, I was very fortunate to participate in a traditional 'uniki (graduation) ceremony under Hula Master Kekau'ilani Kalama. As part of my development as a dancer, I also competed widely, and I took 2nd place in the World Invitational Hula Festival twice. A list of my dance education and accomplishments can be viewed on my website,

Mary V. Williams

Boulder Dance Instructors - MaryMARY V. WILLIAMS

Mary V. Williams is certified from the National Tap Ensemble Tap Dance Institute Teachers Training, but has pursued her dance education for over 35 years with...


...coursework at CU, Boulder Jazz Dance World Congresses, Colorado Dance Festivals, Boulder Jazz Dance Workshops, Cleo Parker Robinson New Dancer Theatre and with many national and international dance teachers. She has taught dance in Boulder since 1992 including thirteen years with the City of Boulder where she taught jazz, tap and hip hop to all ages.  She joined Kinesis Dance in 2014 and currently teaches Tap and Jazz classes for ages 6+.  A native of Oklahoma and tribal citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Mary now lives in Boulder with her husband, two purebred Maine Coon Cats and often connects with her daughter and grandkids in Massachusetts.